Конференция по устойчивому развитию приграничных территорий в Барнауле

The International Conference on Sustainable Development of Cross-border Regions is organized to anticipate the voiced interest of the respective research community to review progress in Sustainable Development, Regional Studies, and Cross-border Studies and discuss related challenges and innovations in a scientific conference format.

The International Conference on Sustainable Development of Cross-Border Areas will be held at the Altai State University on April 19-20, 2019. All interested are invited to attend.


Session 1. On the Path to Sustainability: Economic Growth and Social Development in Cross-border Regions

Economics of sustainable development; economic feasibility for sustainability; sustainability-oriented economic growth; reconciling sustainability and economic growth: criteria, indicators, policies; features and challenges of economic development in cross-border regions; regional economic resilience; environmental economic policy analysis; drivers of and barriers to the sustainable development; new approaches to Environmental, Natural Resources and Energy Economics; renewable resources and circulation economy; sustainability and safety economics; food sovereignty, food security, and sustainable food production; sustainable business models; eco-efficiency models for investment sustainability; knowledge and intellectual capital management for sustainability; sustainable solutions for industry 4.0; sustainable social development; human capital in cross-border regions; human capital development as an essential condition for sustainable development; sustainable human resource management; social sustainability in industry 4.0.

Session 2. Legal and Governance Issues of Sustainable Development in Cross-border Areas

Institutional, legal, and governance aspects of sustainability assessment and indicators; legal theories, methodologies, and applications of building regional sustainability; a legal and regulatory framework of sustainable development in cross-border regions; legal concepts and practices in sustainable governance; regional legislation in the field of sustainable development; legal institutions and practices of sustainable development; law as a mechanism for implementation of sustainable development laws and policies; sustainable development of cross-border regions under international and national legal systems; evaluating sustainable development goals from legal perspectives; environmental law and policy; legal environmental standards; legal liability in the sphere of environmental protections; environmental justice and sustainability; climate change law, policy, and governance for sustainable development; energy law and emerging legal issues in the context of sustainable development; the clean development mechanism and the legal geographies of climate policy; governance strategies for better sustainable development of cross-border regions; global environmental policy and governance in sustainability; collaboration for sustainability and governance networks; sustainable governance in urban and rural areas.

Session 3. Social Security, Migration, and Risks of Sustainable Development of Trans-border Regions

Social security in the context of sustainable development; social security policies and systems of cross-border regions; social policy as an instrument for sustainable development; social public health system and sustainability; societal impacts of sustainability assessment processes and indicators;​ social rights and sustainable development; dynamic social security and demographic security; inclusive societies as means for building sustainable future; social risks of sustainable development, social exclusion in cross-border regions; sustainable development and social solidarism in the context of social security; social security in resource-based cities; social security system sustainability; migration in cross-border regions in the context of sustainable development; international migration at the beginning of the twenty-first century: global trends and issues; transit migration and integration issues; transit regions and migration policy of Russia; social and cultural capital on cross-border regions; smart mobility for future cities; drivers of rural-urban migration and impact on food security; rural-urban migration and sustainable development in cross-border regions; policy coherence for development and migration; intra-regional migration and sustainable development; environmental migration and sustainable development; migration and remittances; migration as a human adaptation to climate change; social resilience and migration within cross-border areas; implications of out- and in-migration for sustainable development; effective migration policy as factor of ensuring economic and social security; challenges for the sustainable governance of migration; influence of labor transfer on farmland sustainable development; global migration governance, civil society, and the paradoxes of sustainability; urban competitiveness and migration in cross-border regions; capitalist restructuring, development, and labor migration; social security of migrant workers; globalization Eurasian integration and the challenges of development in cross-border regions; the socio-economic contribution of migrants to cross-border regions.

Session 4. Sustainable Development of Natural and Anthropogenic Systems

Natural and anthropogenic systems of cross-border regions; environmental sustainability; natural complexes of cross-border regions and issues of sustainability; physical process and spatial patterns at the earth’s surface; physio-geographical elements and their interaction; global change and its regional response; characters and management of natural resources; landscape ecology and environmental construction; geospatial technologies for sustainable environment; geographic approaches​ to resolve human problems that have a spatial dimension; spatial analysis and geographic information systems; environmental management systems; rural landscape and nature conservation; nature-based solutions in conservation management; sustainable remediation strategies; environmental restoration of contaminated soil; ensuring biodiversity in natural systems; biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management; sustainable development and environmental protection; hydrometeorological hazards and disasters; ecosystems approach to water resources management; climate change mitigation and innovations; climate adaptation from an environmental perspective; urban sustainability; sustainable rural development; sustainable landscape management and planning; sustainable geo-resources for tourism and recreation; sustainable wastewater treatment and reuse; challenges of managing organic waste; sustainable agricultural systems; sustainable land management.

Session 5.​ Sustainability Standards and Sustainable Technologies for Cross-Border Regions

Safety and sustainability indicators; consequence modeling; designing for safety and sustainability; environmental resource management strategies; sustainable energy solutions; emerging technologies for greater sustainability; green technology innovation for sustainability; sustainable materials and sustainable structures; sustainable Materials Science and resource-efficient processing technologies; green-building technologies; ICT and sustainable logistics; industrial sustainable development; establishing a disability-inclusive agenda for sustainable development.

The conference materials will be indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science - Core Collection - CPCI databases.

Submission deadline: April 10, 2019.

Registration deadline (sessions): April 10, 2019.

Conference dates: April 19-20, 2019.

Conference proceedings publication: within 5-7 months after the conference.

Подробная информация на сайте конференции - http://sustainableregions.ru/index.html?fbclid=IwAR0mgJRKxc3dxPT4pWuzNAItIqZg7M4t19Iwb3UQHrSZlLuAik0MIwalH4w 


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